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Long Term Disability Insurance

Long Term Disability (LTD) insurance should cover you if you become disabled as a result of an injury or illness. Unfortunately, insurance companies regularly deny valid claims for LTD benefits. While you may be able to get by for a couple of months on your savings, you have an LTD policy because you knew you couldn’t survive for an extended period of time without an income.

You’ve done the right thing by protecting yourself, the insurance company should be doing the right thing by paying your benefits, but they often don’t. At the Bonnici Law Group we assist sick and injured individuals in obtaining the insurance benefits they’ve paid good money for and are entitled to receive.

Since your benefits are based on the contract you signed with your disability carrier (usually provided by your employer) it is very important to understand the terms, definitions, and provisions in your LTD policy. Each policy is a bit different, and most policies have many “hidden provisions” regarding timing, pre-existing conditions, or other ways insurance companies base their denials upon. It is best to have an attorney versed in LTD and ERISA law review your denial letter and plan policy as soon as your claim is denied. It is not unusual to find mistakes and omissions in denial letters.
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At the Bonnici Law Group, we refuse to let insurers win by denying valid claims. If your application for long term disability benefits has been denied, you need to act quickly. There are some crucial time limits that apply to your right to appeal the denial of your benefits, and working with a talented long term disability attorney as quickly as possible will allow us to present the best possible argument in support of your claim.

Joshua Bonnici
Joshua Bonnici
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ERISA-based LTD plans only allow 180 days to submit an appeal. While that may sound like an ample amount of time, in reality, there is much work to be done during that 6-month time. Time is of the essence in starting your counter-attack to the insurance company’s denial of your disability plan.

At Bonnici Law Group, we understand the pressures that a LTD denial places on you and your family, and how to make the most of the time available during your appeal. We will review your denial letter, plan policy, and administrative file with you for no charge to see if we are able to help you get the benefits you deserve. 

Joshua Bonnici has been serving San Diego’s LTD needs for years, and has been a go-to source for ERISA and LTD issues for attorneys throughout the county. Reach out to him today for a free case evaluation.

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