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How To Apply For Long Term Disability

How to Apply for Long Term Disability

Did you know that applying for long term disability benefits is much different than applying for social security disability? If you’ve incurred a disability that is thought to be permanent or long-term and restricts your ability to perform your job, then applying for long-term disability will be within your best interests. In this blog, we will be discussing how to apply for long term disability and why working with an attorney is critical.

How to Apply for Long Term Disability

Applying for long-term disability (LTD) benefits can be a complex and lengthy process. Here are the general steps to follow:

  1. Review your Policy – Start by reviewing your LTD policy to understand what benefits you are entitled to and what the requirements are for filing a claim.
  2. Notify your Employer – Inform your employer about your medical condition and discuss the process for filing a claim for LTD benefits.
  3. Obtain Medical Documentation – Obtain documentation from your doctor or healthcare provider that describes your medical condition, including the diagnosis, symptoms, and treatments. Make sure to get all necessary medical records, including test results and treatment notes.
  4. Submit your Claim – Submit your claim for LTD benefits, including all necessary documentation, to the insurance company. Follow the instructions carefully and provide all the requested information.
  5. Wait for a Decision –The insurance company will review your claim and may request additional information or medical exams. It may take several weeks or even months for a decision to be made.
  6. Appeal if Necessary – If your claim is denied, you have the right to appeal the decision. Most appeals must be sent in within 180 days of a denial, so calendaring all dates is crucial. LTD appeals can be complex and often serve as a one-and-done appeal process, so getting it done correctly the first time is essential. It is highly recommended to speak with an experienced long-term disability attorney before submitting an appeal.

It is important to note that each insurance policy may have its own specific requirements and procedures for filing a claim for LTD benefits. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you work with an experienced attorney when applying for long-term disability benefits. An experienced attorney can help you understand the process, ensure that your paperwork is filled out correctly and accurately, and provide you with legal advice and representation if you are denied benefits.

Why You Should Work with an LTD Attorney

An attorney can be beneficial in long-term disability cases for a number of reasons. Firstly, long-term disability cases can be very complex, involving complicated legal and medical issues. An experienced attorney can help navigate the process and ensure all the necessary documentation is submitted to the insurance company or government agency handling the claim.

Secondly, an attorney can help you understand your legal rights and obligations under the terms of your long-term disability policy. This can be particularly important if your claim is denied or you are offered a settlement that is less than what you believe you are entitled to.

Finally, an attorney can help negotiate with the insurance company or government agency on your behalf to try to obtain the best possible outcome for you. This can include appealing a denied claim, negotiating a settlement, or taking your case to court if necessary.

Overall, having an experienced attorney on your side can greatly increase your chances of a successful outcome in a long-term disability case. At Bonnici Law Group, we’re here to help with all your disability needs. Give us a call at (619) 815-7790 or click here to schedule a FREE consultation.

The author, Joshua Bonnici, is the managing attorney at BONNICI LAW GROUP, APC, who represents injured and disabled individuals fight for fair and just outcomes. Feel free to learn more and reach out for a free case evaluation, at:, or at: 619-259-5199.


Disclaimer: while the jokes may be corny and the tone casual, none of the above is intended to be legal advice, and does not amount to any attorney-client relationship. Should you wish to investigate attorney representation, please contact us for a consultation to discuss a possible attorney-client relationship. Thank you!

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